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What characteristics do nice children display from birth?

Developing character matters in the Development of a Child, nurturing traits like kindness, generosity and compassion.   Research shows that this is developed in the first years of life, and as early as 6 months old, children show signs of empathy.  Social-emotional skills and good character can and should be nurtured from birth, infusing character development lessons throughout the day, such as Kindness, Generosity, Compassion, and many others.

Kindness Starting with our infants, children are greeted by the Guides in Spanish, "Buenos dias!", and thorough this modeling the children will then begin to do it themselves to their parents/adults, peers, and the Guides. This is the simplest way to show others that they care about them. Children ages 3 and up, may begin learning about kindness through writing with lessons on card making, thank you cards, poems, etc.; or through kind words and images that make others feel special.

Generosity Helping others begins by the modeling of the adults, and it shines through during daily activities such as serving snack, flower arranging, working and sharing lessons togethers, and more!

Compassion Ever see a child comforting another who is upset, or sharing toys or materials? Modeling from the adult begins this journey, and it translates to the child's personal life and relationships with peers, and parents/adults. Children will begin to understand the feelings and interests of others matter, and how important cheering each other up is. 

Good character reflects an important and inspiring lessons: regardless of appearances, backgrounds, abilities or any other differences we may have, everyone can learn and show kindness, generosity and compassion.

Start encouraging your child to practice kindness regularly at home with fun activities, and help them grow into a generous and compassionate adult, a good character human!

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