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Learn about our school & methology used


In the classroom

Teachers & Environment

Each unique classroom consists of a Montessori trained and certified Teachers/Guides, who guides the children through the 100 year old Montessori Pedagogy.


Each classroom is an ​Immersive Spanish environment, in which the child will explore authentic materials at their own learning pace in the subjects of Mathematics, Language, Natural Sciences, Social Studies, Practical Life, and Sensorial materials as a part of each child's daily Montessori experience.

Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method? 

The Montessori Method is a unique approach to Education which has existed for over 100 years, and it is followed throughout the World.

This method emphasizes the uniqueness, inviduality, and potential of each child to instinctively learn and explore their curiosity at their own individual pace.

Montessori focuses on the Whole Child Education, which means that in conjuction to learing subjects such as Mathematics, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, and Language, the child attains a unique experience using their senses while exploring through the Sensorial curriculum, and Practical life. The Practical Life and Sensorial curriculum teaches children to take care of themselves, and their environment, through personal responsibility and intrinsic rewards, this approach being unique to the Montessori Pedagogy. 
Through this curriculum, children explore a"freedom within limits" environment, learn to develop a sense of self and independence, learn through trial and error, develop decision making skills, manage social norms in peer relationships, self-character, integrity, develope emotional intelligence, motor skills, and cognitive skills. All while "playing and exploring".


Natural playground & outdoor classroom

How do children connect to nature?

Children must have contact with nature daily, at CM we spend time in our outdoor environment all days, all weather!

Our outdoor environment incorporates a natural playground, self expression & art area, practical life area, academics work area, water activities, and much more!

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Origin of our Name

The Chocolate Cosmos is a native flower of Mexico. It represents the cycle of the growth each child will experience in our environment. ​

Cosmic and Peace Education is a principal of the Montessori Pedagogy.


The connection between the Cosmos and humans is also representative of the name.

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