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Meet our Team

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Ms. Maetzi: Founder & Directress

Owner and directress, Maetzi, has over 20 years of experience in education and is passionate about Montessori Pedagogy. With a wide range of certifications and experience in both private and public school sectors, Mrs. Miller has created a comprehensive curriculum that includes Spanish, Math, Language, Science, and Reading for Lower and Upper Elementary students.

Other trainings include: 


  • NICCM National Administrative Credential

  • A o to I Montessori Certificate AMI (ages 0-3)

  • Primary Montessori Certificate CCCC (ages 3 to 6) 

  • Lower Elementary Montessori Certificate AMS (ages 6-9)

  • Upper Elementary Montessori Certificate AMS (ages 10-12)

  • B.S. in Child Learning and Development (UTD)

  • Masters in Education (DBU)

  • Created the After care curriculum SJES

  • Created the Spanish, Math, Language, Science,and  Reading, for Mata Montessori curriculum (Lower and Upper Elementary)

  • Opened 6 classrooms (Infant to UEL)

  • TAG

  • Private and public school sector experience

  • Bilingual Certification - State of Texas

  • Chair of Science at Mata Montessori

  • Team Purple Chair (Alzheimer's Organization for Charity)

  • DI Leader (DISD)

  • Distinguished Teacher Award (DISD)

  • ​Infant/Toddler Training (Montessori Research and Development)

  • Created the Dallas MLK Center Curriculum

  • Science Fair District Trainer

  • Earth Day at Texas fair school coordinator

  • Infant to Adult First Aid/CPR

  • State of Texas Curriculum

Mr. Juan: Founder & Chief Engineer

Juan, also known as 'Abuelo' by the children, is a valuable member of our team. With experience as a Chief Mechanical Engineer and Construction Company Owner, he is committed to shaping the physical environment of the school in line with the Montessori Pedagogy. We are grateful for his skills and passion.

Hola! I am Daniela Palma, a talented Petroleum Engineer with over 5 years of experience in the Business Administrative area. I am bilingual and eager to learn new languages, and continue education myself in Montessori. I am proud to be a part of Cosmos Montessori School and is excited to contribute  my skills to the team!

Ms. Daniela: Business Administrator

Former Chief Justice at Fifth District Court of Appeals (Texas), Lawyer for over 40 years. 

Attorney to Cosmos Montessori LLC

Mr. Charles: School Attorney


Silent Partners

Introducing our three silent partners who have been instrumental in developing our vision. Their unwavering support and contributions have been invaluable to our success. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to our mission.


The dedicated staff at Cosmos Montessori are passionate about the education of each and every child. Our team of educators understands the Montessori pedagogy and are devoted to guide children on their journey to academic success and personal growth. From maintaining the environment to preparing the right lessons, our staff does everything possible to ensure children receive a quality education.

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Ms. Anna.jpg

Ms. Karo: Infant Co-Guide

My name is Karolina Morales. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I’m 24 years old. I recently graduated from my Masters Degree in School Psychology, and I’ve been working in the education field for 3 years. I am infant CPR  and Psychological First Aid trained. I’m currently finishing up my first certification in Montessori as 0-3y Assistant Guide, & State of Texas Curriculum. I’m so excited to be part of Cosmos and learn more about Montessori Philosophy! 

I'm Ms. Yoli, and I'm very excited to be part of Cosmos Montessori! My experience includes Assistant Toddler Guide, I am Bilingual, & Infant to Adult First Aid/CPR, & State of Texas Curriculum. I’m currently finishing up my first certification in Montessori as 0-3y Assistant Guide.

Ms. Yolanda: Infant Co-Guide

Ms. Sandra: Infant Assistant

I am Mrs. Sandra, and I am greatful for the opportunity to remain dedicated to my calling and to be a part of the wonderful Cosmo Montessori family.With 25 years of experience as an Early Childhood Education Teacher focusing on children aged 0 to 6 years, I am CPR/First Aid certified, bilingual, and committed to furthering my Montessori education.

Ms. Paty: Toddler Guide

'm Ms. Paty, a bilingual educator with over 25 years of experience working with children. I am about Montessori education and continue to educate myself in various Montessori training throughout the year. I am also certified in Infant to Adult First Aid/CPR and State of Texas Curriculum. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

Ms. Mari: Toddler Co-Educator

My name is Mari, and I have worked with children for over 35 years. I enjoy outdoor activities with the children, and cooking! I am Bilingual, I have several Montessori Certifications, I am Infant to Adult First Aid/CPR, & State of Texas Curriculum.

Ms. Yasmin: Primary Guide

My passion for working with children began as soon as I was honored with the AMI Montessori Diploma in Karachi, Pakistan.
During this stage, I witness the curiosity of the absorbent mind developing from 3-6 year old children.I always look forward to these milestone moments and feel a certain amount of pride and happiness when children accomplish them one after another.
I am so thrilled to be a part of Cosmos Montessori School.

Ms. Angelica: Primary Co-Educator

I am Angie, and love teaching the children! This is my 5th year in Education, and love learning more each day bout Montessori.I am Primary Trained in CESAPTI, First Aid & CPR from infants, and the  State of Texas.

I'm Adry, and I have cooked for 25 years in International Cuisine! I love using natural ingredients, specially from our chickens and garden. I enjoy watching the creations the children and I come up with to share with the rest of the Cosmos Community! Let's create a healthy relationship with food from an early age together!

Ms. Adriana: Chef

Ms. Vanessa: Cooking

Hi, I'm Vane! I am a Pastry Chef at "Tickle Me Sweets" & Jewelry Designer, but in the summer, I am a Summer Camp Teacher of Baking & Cooking, & Art at Cosmos Montessori! I am Bilingual. Lets get creative!

Ms. Joi: Arts & Crafts

I'm Joi! I graduate from FAMU with a Bachelors & a Master degree, & currently, pursuing my Doctorate at UTD in Visual & Performing Arts. I've worked K-12 schools for 19, nurturing my love for educating children and creating a space that fosters fun educational, artistic exploration of various art styles, artists, materials and therapy.

Ms. Ana: Yoga Teacher

I am Ms. Ana, a multicultural Yoga instructor and certified personal trainer with a fervent dedication to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. I advocates passionately for bilingual teachings in all aspects of life and am proud of it!

Ms. Katherin: Music & Movement Teacher

I  am Ms. Kathy, a Dallas-based music and movement teacher with 25 years of experience. I use music and movement to create a experience for children aged birth through 7 utilizing singing, instruments, and eurythmics to help children appreciate music and experience rhythm.

Ms. Anna: Ballet Teacher

I am the owner and teacher of Volga Verve. I love teaching ballet at Cosmos Montessori.

Ms. Mary Lou: Piano Teacher

Mary Lou Cooper, a music industry professional with 30 years of experience, is passionate about music. She teaches piano in Dallas, focusing on classical, pop, and jazz music for all ages. As a performer and songwriter, she aims to entertain and inspire. With a degree in public relations and piano performance, she has performed at various venues and events, showcasing her original songs. Additionally, she has been involved in music organizations and teaching music in schools, and loves her children at Cosmos Montessori!

Engaging in extracurricular activities is crucial for children's development. From ballet to soccer, music to chess, these activities help foster confidence, empathy, social skills, and even mental health. By participating in a variety of activities, children can explore interests and develop a well-rounded set of skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.


Introducing children to international meals and farm-to-table cuisine can have a positive impact on their health and wellness. Our house Chef exposes them to a variety of flavors and ingredients, children can develop a more diverse palate and a greater appreciation for healthy, fresh foods. Additionally, farm-to-table meals provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about where their food from and the importance sustainable agriculture; our onsite chef uses these items  from the garden and chickens the children help take care of daily.

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