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Why Choose Montessori?


Whole Child Education - Math, Social Studies, Natural Sciences & Language combined with Practical Life & Sensorial Curriculum


Montessori trained & certified teachers - To provide the best education and early child development experience, guiding children through 100 year old Montessori Pedagogy


Immersive Spanish Environment - Our students explore authentic materials at their own learning pace as part of each child's daily Montessori experience. 


Hands-On Experience - Giving our students "freedom with limits" to develop a sense of self & independence. 


Cosmos Montessori School offers

  • The elements of literacy and numeracy so that they become the tools for further exploration of human culture​

  • Exploration and understanding of our earth, the world of plants and animals, the laws of physics and chemistry

  • Understanding of  human history and civilization, the functioning of human society

  • Music, art, literature, dance and drama

  • Self-expression and communication

  • The materials at each plane of development are designed to aid the developmental tasks of that plane.

  • Material that results in the building of a concept and naming it

  • Connectivity and understanding to the environment, e.g., a child who has learned about shapes, will start identifying the shapes in their environment

  • Expression where the child is able to use the concept in the context of other activities, e.g. using the understanding of multiplication to calculate the how many seeds to plant in a vegetable bed.


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

Through this curriculum, children explore a "freedom within limits" environment, learn to develop a sense of self and independence, learn through trial and error, develop decision making skills, manage social norms in peer relationships, self-character, integrity, develope emotional intelligence, motor skills, and cognitive skills. All while "playing and exploring."

  • Security cameras

  • Composting

  • Recycling

  • Garderning

  • Chickens

  • Internatinal Chef



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